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    Three British Mystery Novels

    Three British Mystery Novels
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    Three British Mystery Novels

    ProdukttypBuch (Kartoniert, Paperback)
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    Lynnwood, by Thomas Brown, was a finalist in the People's Book Prize
    The unthinkable is happening in Lynnwood - a village with centuries of guilt on its conscience.
    Who wouldn't want to live in an idyllic village in the English countryside like Lynnwood? With its charming pub, old dairy, friendly vicar, gurgling brooks, and its old paths with memories of simpler times.
    But behind the conventional appearance of Lynnwood's villagers, only two sorts of people crawl out of the woodwork: those who hunt and those who are prey. Visitors are watched by an entity between the trees where the Dark Ages have endured to the twenty-first century. Families who have lived behind stone walls and twitching curtains know that the gusts of wind blowing through the nearby alluring Forest bring with them a stench of delightful hunger only Lynnwood can appease.
    A Taste for Blood, by David Stuart Davies
    Two plots running parallel... you won't see what's coming
    Two laser-sharp detectives, two thought-provoking cases and two skilful plots.
    Featuring private investigator Johnny (One Eye) Hawke, and his one-time colleague in the police force Detective David Llewellyn. Llewellyn is investigating the chilling crimes of a top psychiatrist and his scheming patient who the doctor believes has knuckled under his authority. In the meantime, Hawke is on the case of a mysterious suicide in Edgware Road... soon discovered as not your average suicide.
    The guts and insight of the two investigators bring both cases to a head - though you won't even begin to see how until you have turned the last pages.
    Ellipsis, by Nikki Dudley
    "Right on time," Daniel Mansen mouths to Alice as she pushes him to his death. Haunted by these words, Alice becomes obsessed with discovering how a man she didn't know could predict her actions. On the day of the funeral, Daniel's cousin, Thom, finds a piece of paper in Daniel's room detailing the exact time and place of his death.
    As Thom and Alice both search for answers, they become knotted together in a story of obsession, hidden truths and the gaps in everyday life that can destroy or save a person.
    Ellipsis is a disturbing thriller stemming from what is left unsaid, what bounces around in the mind and evaporates when trying to remember. Can there be a conclusion when no-one seems to know the truth?

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    Schmerzmanagement bei chronischen Schmerzen
    Schmerzmanagement bei chronischen Schmerzen
    Leitfaden für die Pflegepraxis
    Meike Schwermann
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    Grundrechte in der Schweiz.
    Grundrechte in der Schweiz.
    Im Rahmen der Bundesverfassung, der EMRK und der UNO-Pakte.
    Müller, Jörg Paul; Schefer, Markus
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    Verwirklichung der Grundrechte nach Art. 35 BV
    Verwirklichung der Grundrechte nach Art. 35 BV
    Der Freiheit Chancen geben
    Müller, Jörg Paul
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    Das Familienrecht des Schweizerischen Zivilgesetzbuches
    Das Familienrecht des Schweizerischen Zivilgesetzbuches
    Eheschliessung, Scheidung, Allgemeine Wirkungen der Ehe, Güterrecht, Kindesrecht, Erwachsenenschutzrecht, eingetragene Partnerschaft, Konkubinat
    Hausheer, Heinz; Geiser, Thomas; Aebi-Müller, Regina E.
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